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Office Hour Overview

We have an ultra-lightweight form of programming that we call “Office Hours” for people that have a tool or project that they want to share with other attendees. These are one-hour sessions that occur during the lunch hour. You’ll be in the printed and online program, assigned a table, and will have a great opportunity to meet other attendees and talk about what you’re up to.

Some things to know about Office Hours:

  • Schedule: The schedule will be posted online and will also be in the printed program. We will follow up with you approximately two weeks before the conference to confirm which day your office hour will occur.
  • Power: There are no power outlets in the common area where the Office Hours are being held. Make sure to charge your laptop and/or devices prior to your Office Hour session.
  • Displays: We encourage you to keep this personal and intimate. For this reason, please do not bring extra monitors or displays. A laptop should work fine.
  • Handouts: Bring them along! You’ll only have an hour to interact with attendees and you may not get everything across. Feel free to bring pamphlets or other handouts.
  • Time for setting up: The office hour will occur during the lunch hour. There is no break between the late morning session and the lunch hour. You should have enough time to set up while people are gathering food. Though to make sure, you can start setting up before the late morning session ends.

You may contact Steven if you have questions at